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Streetdate: 17.02.2017

For „You“, their second album as a duo, Norwegian singer Live Maria Roggen and pianist Helge Lien have translated nine songs by Nordic folk, jazz and pop songwriters into English …
Rain Sultanov

Rain Sultanov - Inspired by Nature

Streetdate: 17.02.2017

On „Inspired by Nature - Seven Sounds of Azerbaijan“, internationally renowned saxophone player Rain Sultanov turns seven of his home country’s landscapes into pieces of music. On a preceding excursion he collected sounds and impressions, which he adds to his masterly compositions influenced by jazz and world music. This way he not only shows the many sides of Azerbaijan but also his own musical versatility and proves that music if often the best travel guide.

NYConnection - Urban Griot

Streetdate: 17.02.2017

„Urban Griot“ is the debut album by jazz quartet NYConnection, formed by Finnish drummer Jaska Lukkarinen and Israeli pianist Roy Assaf. Inspired by the griots of West Africa, NYConnection think of themselves as jazz storytellers. In their innovative compositions between bebob, folk and avant-garde song structures disappear in a whirl of dialogue and friction. Sometimes quiet, sometimes louder, always exiting.

Streetdate: 16.09.2016

What is the sound of a city? On „Helsinki Soundpost“ we can see and hear Helsinki through the eyes and ears of local trumpet player Martti Vesala. Song by song and bar by bar he pieces together a very personal jazz photo album that makes you want to get on a plane to see and hear Helsinki yourself.

Streetdate: 16.09.2016

„Nordic Balm“ is the third studio album Norwegian saxophonist Karl Seglem recorded with his young Acoustic Quartet. It is exemplary for what it means when people talk about „magic“ in Jazz: discipline and freedom, trust and risk, feeling and energy. Plus: a lot of fun. Nine superb compositions celebrating the art of musical interaction.

Streetdate: 14.10.2016

On his new album, „Something Smooth“, Pete Alderton continues to tell the story of his life through masterly crafted songs. Once again the singer, guitarist and songwriter proves that he is one of the best and most versatile Blues artists of his generation.

Having played an important part in the Norway jazz scene over the last 15 years, the Eivind Austad Trio now enters the international stage with their debut album “Moving”. Eivind Austad is influenced by Gospel and R’n’B, his lyrical and narrative style reminds one of the likes of Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans.